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This is a community for all of you who enjoy Camino! Everyone is welcomed!

1. Please respect and be kind to one another. Any and all conflicts should be dealt with outside of the community.

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3. Please keep things relatively on topic.

4. Posting samples are great! But file-sharing on the community is should be kept to a minimum.

5. No posts containing the advertising of communities that do not pertain to Camino (i.e. fashion, owning jrockers, etc).

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Camino is an awesome 5 member synth-pop/rock band from Tokyo. If you love Zwei, Glay, and Siam Shade, then you'll love Camino!! Although no band is alike, Camino definately is a band to enjoy!

Camino Clones
Hayato: Vocals
Kiku: Guitar
Taka: Bass
REHIT: Drums
Ryosuke: Keyboard

«I love Camino»

Camino is Love by: kawaiiyume

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