creepy twin (faerionette) wrote in camino_project,
creepy twin

Feeler: Camino CDs - Possibly Selling arise and IC Brain

I'm in a really tight financial situation right now and am considering selling 2 autographed Camino CDs. They were both autographed at A-kon 15 in 2004, by all the members at that time. This means they are signed by Jun, not Hayato.

I have "arise" and "IC Brain" that I am thinking about selling. They are signed on the insert that goes in the back of the case so they are completely protected and have not been touched since being put back after the autograph was received.

I have not taken pictures because I want to gauge interest in these before taking the time to photograph them. I have an idea of what I would like to get for them, but am open to reasonable offers, so let me know if you'd be interested and how much you would offer.

If I decide to sell, I would only accept PayPal as payment and buyers would be responsible for all shipping charges.

Please note that this is only a feeler for now and I am not obligated to sell unless I receive an offer I am happy with. ^__^

Thanks for your time!
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