Napping Ninja (random_thanatos) wrote in camino_project,
Napping Ninja


Camino is coming to A-Kon!

A-Kon is in  Dallas, TX May 29-31st. 
This is probably only their first musical guest. lol

Who's going? *skips along to akon*
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I teared up when I read. I'm definitely going. That band means more to me than I could ever express. I used to have a fansite for them and everything when I was younger.
ahah omg, it took me forever to realize who you were. *adds you back*

I called my friend up to tell her and she almost hyperventilated over the phone.
I love camino ;O; <3 And I can finally see them.

I signed up to volunteer at akon, but idk if I will have time. hmmm. Have you booked a room yet?
I was very excited to here that! I'll definitely try to go~. I missed them!
so far... u,u