lulu-chun (idoitforlove) wrote in camino_project,

Single For Sale

I know this community is pretty much dead, but I thought this was worth a shot.

I ordered a copy of camino's latest single a while back. However, it was on an order containing a pre-order item that shouldn't have shipped until November 12th. Well, HMV shipped my two available items early instead of waiting, so I got billed earlier than I was expecting to.

That said, I now need to sell my copy of camino's Story single to get some of that money back since my rent it due tomorrow and I'm short now. I did take it out of the plastic, but it has not been played and is in perfect condition.

A cover image and other details can be viewed HERE, since I haven't had a chance to take a picture of my copy.

Contains the following:

2. So sweet Lo...
3. STORY -NIGHT walkers MIX-
4. STORY -TV edit-

Price: $11 including shipping within the USA/Canada, $13 including shipping elsewhere.

Payment: PayPal ONLY, needed within 24 hours. No eChecks, please!

Don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions!

Also, camino will release another new single, The Life, on December 17th. It will be available as a regular edition and a limited edition with DVD!
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