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Heya, I'm New!

Hello everyone, I'm Shugo (nickname). I just become a Camino fan lastnight, no word of lie. I live in Canada NS and I never knew there was a show on TV where they take requests of all different PV's of the world and play them. My boyfriende turned the show on and Camino was playing and I loved the song. I found out at the end of the video it was Story. So I immeditaly jumped on the computer and started searching XD. So! Hiya everyone ^_^

I was also wondering. Could people share some songs with me from them? I've looked for their stuff online but it's very hard to find. I was able to find Lovin Moon, Nostalgic, and Story singles but that's it. I really would like to hear their albums from before.

I'm also looking forward to hearing The Life single ^_^ which is coming out next month.

Is there any PV's out there that I can download?

Also, just to point this out. All the request is obviously optional. I just thought I'd do it in my introduction post too.
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